E- Official Journal Alert

The E-Amtsblatt Alert (E-Official Journal Alert) enables you to be informed about entries in the Official Journal (see below for details) in a customised and up-to-date manner. You can use the search function to select the terms on which the Official Journal is to be searched and you will be informed by e-mail in the event of a hit. Suitable search terms are names, company names, register numbers or keywords such as “insolvency” or “auction”.

You can also enter several search terms separated by ",".

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Data Processing

If you wish to use the services offered on this site, only the e-mail address provided by you and the search terms created will be stored as data and used only for the purpose of processing your queries. No other processing of personal data, such as in particular passing on to third parties, takes place. If you unsubscribe from the services on this site, the stored data will be permanently deleted.

Further Declarations

The Official Journal is the official publication of the Principality of Liechtenstein. It contains regulations and general orders as well as official notices where required by law or in the public interest. The Official Journal is published in electronic form by the Government Legal Service. The announcements in the Official Journal are made available for consultation at the address www.amtsblatt.llv.li.

In particular, the following official notices of public interest or based on special legal provisions are published in the electronic Official Journal:

  •  announcements under the Insolvency Code and edicts
  • calls for creditors
  • announcements in land register and commercial register matters
  • entries in the Trademark and Design Register

The E-Official Journal Alert provided on this website will keep you informed on a daily basis about announcements in the Official Journal concerning legal entities (individuals and associations) in which you are interested.

After registering, you can enter the name of the natural person or, respectively, the wording of the company name in the search field and will then be informed via the e-mail address provided as soon as the legal entity is the subject of an announcement to be published in the electronic Official Journal.
You can unsubscribe from this free service at any time.